6 Effects for timetravel with velocities greater than light.


A timetravel is a jump in time with the possibility to return.

This means a jump ahead - and one backward in time not necesarilly in that order.


Jumping in time:

By sleeping and waking up 8 hours later you make a jump in time. Freezing in one period of a movie and defrosting in the next is a greater jump ahead. With this form of timetravel your own times goes slower and the time of your surroundings makes a jump.


In nature we (individuals) travel forward in time. A sequence to be checked with causality.

If a lot of glasshivers come up and you get a glas in your hand than time definitely goes backward!


A jump to the future is seen as fastening up time. For a jump backward time goes slower than stops and next goes backward. So shows H.G. Wells that in his book: timemachine.


During a break an enquete is passed through in which you can direct what kind of travel you would like to make, so repeating: time faster, slower stops or backward for a jump to future or past. If time goes slower you can see things like wingstrokes of a kolibri. If time goes faster you can see flowers or even a tree grow.


Time travel is there if the time of an individual comes loose of the surrounding or other individuals qua one of the four possible aspects. In the timemachine of H.G. Wells the apparatus stands still relative to the earth. For a travel to the future time quickens up. For a travle to the past time slows first then stops turnaround of the direction of time and then faster going backwards. You see the building where the machine is tearing down The fundament afterwards. Clouds dissapear without rain in the oceans until stone-age for instance.


If you move fast you elder slowly. that I do have of relativity. Years ago I found a correction for the Lorentzfactor in which light velocity can be surpassed.

In my formula Squareroot(2) times the lightvelocity is the maximum. 7/5 is a little smaller (possible) en 10/7 is same amount bigger (impossible).


So I was less starteled then many physisists to measurement of neutrinospeed from Cern toGran Sasso(LNGS) faster then light.


My plan for this lecture is:†††

Part 7 - explain how measurement of velocity takes place.

part 8 - explain the fourdimensional perspective by distance.


part 9 Discribing things you encounter at great velocity.









Part 7 Measurement of neutrinospeed with the OPERA detector in the CGNS bundle.


For a distance of 730,53461 km +- 20 cm through Earthcrust for three years measurment are done.

Variation in distance by movement of the crust is smaller then 1 cm / year, exept the earthquake in 2009, which gave a difference of 7 cm. The neutrinos kome 60 nanoseconds earlier than expected if they would travel as light.




The story ends with: we deliberately do not attempt any theoretical or phenomenological interpretation of the results.


And then thanks to a lot of institutes.


Part 8


The fourdimensional perspective through distance.

Fourdimensional perspective is walking behind of clocks far away. The further away the more you look in the past. A spacetraveler who goes far away and returns does not feel a thing classically from this. Take a slapstick movie turned by hand during the take If it is played faster Charlie Chaplin or other acteurs seem to move faster and during slower you get a slower movement.

That is in the classical for the spacetraveler the same. If the spacetraveler recedes his or her distance enlarges so a bigger timedifference makes that he seems to age slower. On the other hand if he returns the distance gets smaller and he or she ages faster and classically he ends at the same age as his twin brother stayed at home.††††

In RT there is twinparadox: de traveler actually ages slower by velocity. That is in my theory also only then with 1,4 times lightvelocity lies the limit. My proposition is to call lightvelocity Mich of Michelson. Velocity is simply measured according to 3 Kelvin background.






Part 9


What do you have to mind at high velocity?

The path of the slow can be cornered, but doesnít need to be, the path of the fasts is straight

Why are there no crossings on a highway? You cannot brake suddenly but there is deceleration, acceleration and (slow) bending.


With movement through space there is no road. The total of movement is called trajectory that is a list of point you pass with timestamps.


A you have a purpose and that is an object that you donít see where it is now but only at a point where it has been a certain time ago.


B During flight to your purpose you have to evade unwished objects.


C You have to find a parking-orbit; the relative velocity is tangentially satelite velocity.


A I call antecipation en B - navigation. C is parking and encounter of a satelite is called docking. Coming out of parking orbit to an object is called landing


A means calculating where the object will be if you reach target.


B Navigation things you will encounter on the way are not yet known and on that spot apart from their gravitational fields so the navigator calculates thet too. Corners have to be laid and made.


A spaceship has front windows where you see your purpose approach faster than usual! It is odd that this is not described in both relativity theories.


A spaceship has rear windows in which you see the launchingplatform aging slower than usual.




Have you ever encountered a letter of relative or friend later than the person coming home?

On the landingspot the traveller is not only earlier back but a backword movie follows of the last two years of his yourney.

††††††††††††††††††††††† Haarlem 10 oktober 2012